Sail on in!

Paintings of landscapes, botanicals, abstract, and more!


A series of artworks inspired by the world.

Spatial Island Series

Mixed Media 

A series of works exploring the isolation and importance of connection throughout the pandemic.

Custom Illustrated Tarot decks

Made Just for You!

Pricing for original illustrations $50 to $100 per illustration.  Write to inquire directly.


Digital Art

Selection of humorous NFT's available on OpenSea.

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Ravyness Drakon Tarot
Bleu Cat Tarot, Dream Raven Tarot

About us

Beth Seilonen is primarily known for her range of humor and insight in tarot cards.  To date she has created over 100 tarot decks, written and illustrated seven mass produced decks with Schiffer publishing, and continues to expand into new avenues.